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So I'm redoing my civic. I ran diamond motorsport 5.25's for 10 years, thinking of doing them all around with two LPG 25NFA's, or getting one set of 6.5" comps. I want MIDBASS. I've got a PPI PC4400C amp, and two JL10W0's. Thinking about buying a second amp and using the 4400 to drive the four 5.25's. I don't think I can do better than the Eton's for the money. What do you think? Four 5.25's, or two 6.5's?

Sorry for double post...

I've also noticed that running the rear channels bridged on the subs results in distortion in the front stage. The Alt is stock, and I wonder if the bridging is the issue or the electrical system. I have 4 GA wire running from the battery (Autozone Gold top) to the rear.

Edit: Just got two Diamond motorsport 5.25's coming with LPG 25NFA tweets.

Do most folks band pass mids if they run passive setups? I've got HP's on my amp, was thinking I'd get the other two motorsport 5.25's and run them in the rear deck.
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