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6x9 install in 2004 Suburban

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Has anyone had success installing 6x9 speakers in the 2000-2006 era suburbans? Here is my system:
JL Audio 300/2 driving component Focals up front
JL Audio 300/2 driving component Infinity Kappas in second row
2-10" JL Audio subs in a sealed box driven by Phoenix Gold XS2500
Head unit Alpine 9887

I have an extra pair of Infinity 6x9's and also an extra JL Audio 300/2 amp. My goal is to get a louder sound volume as well as a little missing sounds transitioning from the subs to 6" component speakers.

I want them to be as concealed as possible.....all 3 amps are behind the rear panel.

Any help?

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FYI - Here is a pic of the amps behind the panel. I am missing one of the 300/2 as it was in for repair. Long story but I basically got a another 300/2 for about $85 so I took them up on it.:cool:


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You should be able to blend those Focals with subs without using 6x9s...

Maybe use the additional amp to bridge one to each side of your front stage, or go active on the front stage.
That was also another thought but I didn't know what made the most sense. Due to the large volume of the truck, I thought adding another pair of amplified speakers would help in that department.

I have adjusted the frequency at this point to keep a lot of the "lows" from going the the components so they didn't have to work as hard and that I could squeeze a little more volume out. I am just missing out on the drum punches with this setup.

I think I have enough equipment and flexibility to make it happen but I just don't know the best solution. I know the 9887 is flexible in it's frequency but also complicated to understand as well. I'm no pro and start to get a little dizzy reading some of the more in-depth posts but I'm will to do what I can.

I did find another post where the amp was under the 2nd row seat but I don't want to suffocate it if the seats are lying flat. I'll take another look at the clearance.
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