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7 Days till Christmas. Lets count down with some sales!​

Todays sale: 7% off XS Power VCM Products on our site. Use code VCM7 to save 7% and enjoy free shipping!

Since 14V batteries need to be charged at 16.8V, XS Power has introduced the all new Voltage Control Module (VCM) that simply plugs into the factory or aftermarket alternator to allow it to charge at the appropriate voltage for the 14V battery.

Operating voltage- 10~20 volts
12V battery dip switch setting- 14.2 (varies depending on alternator) to 15.2 volts (programmed limit)
14V & 16V battery dip switch setting - 14.2 (varies depending on alternator) to 19.5 volts (programmed limit)

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