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Gains are all set properly, crossover points were all set at or above what the included crossovers had that came with the speakers or what the manufacturer recommended. I know I haven’t been working as an installer since 09, but for the 12 years I did spend doing it every day, plus the other 20 years that I have done it as a hobby and side gig, I never claimed to be or even tried to be one of the fastest guys in the bay, but there might have been one quarter that I didn’t have the lowest rate of service jobs come back, usually by a significant amount. I’ve installed well over 1000 amps, a similar number of speakers and everything else that goes with them… The gains, crossovers, settings etc were the first things that I rechecked after the first speakers died, and they have been rechecked, set, lowered…. I still to this day have to have the “gain controls are not volume or power level adjusters” conversation with people all the time. One buddy always wants his stuff set up so it’s loud, like maxed out at volume 15 out of 30 or 40. For 10 years and at least 6 big systems they have been that way. One tweeter and one old worn out 13w7 is all he has killed and he is all rap all loud all the time. If it was gains or clipping I wouldn’t be here asking for ideas.
If you have checked gains and settings and all in fact are correct for the system, I assume you have to start looking at some equipment issue. May also want to list how the specifics on how you are setting up the system. It could also be a user issue. Back and the day, I knew guys that constantly blew stuff up because they never backed off the volume knob even if you could hear things screaming not in a good way
1 - 2 of 62 Posts