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I'll have to check out that Apex sub!

I can second the recommendation for the JBL GTO804! Awesome little subs and top-mount depth is 4-3/8". A bit more money at $62 Shipped from I'd also highly recommend the Polk Audio MM804. It's a little monster. it's even shallower at just a tad over 4" top-mount depth, but it's a bit more expensive, and also rated for marine use if you ever need that feature. I've used both of the above in Mini Coopers and the like and they are both awesome in about .35cf with some polyfill. Excellent for the type of music you like but they both dig really deep for being 8" subs.

I'd like to try the Tang-Bands as well...which model# were you guys refering to and do you have a link for the Apex Super Jr.'s?

Edit: found the web site for the Apex. Looks good but Xmax isn't very impressive compared to the Polk MM840 or even the JBL GTO. Note on the Polk MM840...get the 4-ohm SVC version if it will suit your application. I've tried the DVC version and couldn't get it to match my experience with the SVC one. I guess the T/S parameters are just that much different? IDK.
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