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im in the process of peicing together the stuff for my 2005 GTO

so far i have a HU and amp chosen

Kenwood DNX5140

Cressendo 1000.4c
125w x4 channels at 4 ohms
250w x4 channels at 2 ohms
500w x2 bridged at 4 ohms
250w x2 bridged at 8 ohms

im going to have 2 8" subs in the back deck in a sealed box it should be around .5cuft of air for each sub

depth is of some concern because the gas tank is directly under the deck (i have about 5" to work with)

Ive been reading and searching to the point of madness lol
i want to stay under 100 for both subs if possible but if i gotta spend a little more ill deal with it as long as the difference is dramatic

what's everyone's opinion on the Dayton QT210-4 8" Quatro and the Apex Jr. Super 8?
there both $39 and from what ive seen both seem decent

if these suck gimme some recommendations please
im looking for a very clean, quick somewhat hard hit to compliment whatever componets i go with.

by the way i listen to mostly Punk, Speed metal, hard rock, anything FAST

any/all help is greatly apreciated
i was tripping i totally forgot i have 4 of the T3 8's they would be killer and $40 each :D

137 Posts

* 8”, 10” and 12” Subwoofers
* Black anodized 60oz. motor structure
* Durable pressed steel basket
* Conex spider suspension
* Heavy gauge tinsel leads
* Treated foam surround
* 1 Piece poly front cap with logos
* Single 4ohm voicecoil on 1.75” aluminum former
* Copper round wire coil 20mm height
* 200w RMS/ 400w Peak

Fs (Hz) 35
Qes 0.58
Qms 8.52
Qts 0.55
Vas (ft3) 0.64
Spl @ 1watt (dB) 85.45
X-max (Inches) 0.50
X-mechanical (inches) 1.00
Re (Ohms) 3.59
Pe (RMS Watts) 200
Piston Diam. (inches) 6.70
Sd ( in2) 36
BL 10
Le (mH) 1.72
Mms (grams) 65
Rms 1.93
Cms 240.4
Zmax (Ohms) 55.54
Total Weight (lbs) 6.5
Motor Weight (oz) 60
Mounting Depth 3.75"
Basket Depth 2.15"
Magnet Depth 1.60"
Cutout Diameter 7.10"
Overall Diameter 8.25"
Magnet Diameter 4.85"
Coil Diameter 1.75"
Displacement (ft3) 0.03
Sealed (ft3) 0.5
Vented (ft3) 0.75
Vent Diameter 3"/ 8in2
Vent Length 11"
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