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So I have done some searching on here and and I think I have blown my pico fuse. I bought it second hand and I know between the two of us we have messed with the rca's while the power was on. I have tried the ground rca heads to headunit test and the engine whine does go away for the most part.

I did a TON of troublseshooting last night on the whole system and its in the headunit. So my guess is its the pico fuse. My question is could the blown pico fuse also be the culprit for no input response? I cant get the headunit to pick up on any rca inputs i.e(ipod audio/video rca input).

One more thing. My usb cable somehow got cut. I might have cut it while i was stripping wire. Any way to install a new one? its built it to the back of the headunit.

Thanks in advance -Jeff
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