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i started my audio build today, after years of waiting, and a year or more of planning.

this is a small portion of an overall larger renovation project.

after much deliberation and some wheeling and dealing with my local shop (custom sounds in Austin, TX) i've finalized my parts list. it is as follows:

Headunit: Pioneer DEH-80PRS
Amp: Kenwood Excelon x802-5 (5 Channel)
Sub: JL 10TW3
Components: Focal Performance PS165v1
sound deadening: Dynamat extreme, ccf, heat shielding, etc.

The overall build ethos is to keep it clean, simple, and stock looking, but in the most aurally pleasing way possible given a reasonable (relative i know) budget.

i can and will do pretty much all of the fab and finish work myself.

the final build will have the 80prs in the dash - duh - , (already installed actually at time of posting); amp in an tbd location; custom built sealed sub box, center mounted; door pods for the woofers (probably not sealed, but TBD) with custom door pockets built in; tucked and clean, no corners cut wiring and sound deadening; bucket seats installed; and a custom built center console with some trick features i have planned.

I was able to get a good deal on all the system parts, and i got a full single cab set of dynamat for free, so i'll be using that instead of buying anything from SDS, knuconceptz, or noico. i may buy some CCF from noico, we'll see.

now for some preliminary install pics:

original dash and HU -

removed the dash to install a new gauge cluster with a tach and some extra gauges.


no more spaghet:

the odometer on the new cluster was 8000 miles low, so rigged up a setup with a drill, the worm gear, and some zipties to roll the odometer forward to make the new cluster match the old one that came out of the truck.

removed all other dash parts to remove old crappy kenwood headunit.
it ended up having an HD radio antenna hardwired in. i'll have to order a new antenna cable for when i go back in to run RCAs to the new amp in the next phase of install.

HU and new cluster installed:

i'll do glamour shots again when its all installed. until then, you guys just get potato phone shots.

installing the HU is just the first part of the build. i'm in the process of finishing the cad models for the box and door panel parts. i have some decisions to make coming up on amp placement, tweeter placement, active vs passive, and general aesthetic stuff. it'll be fun for me. feel free to give 1 or 2 cents. i may ignore it.
or not...

(edited for pictures and complete-itude...)
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One of my first exposures to a great system install was an early 90's Toyota truck.
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