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I was into car audio in the late 90s very early 2000s and got away from it. I have been working on a 93 Fox Mustang hatchback that I have finally got the engine to where I need it (~400 horse) and now I am ready to work on some of the other aspects of it.

I am basically starting with a blank slate, it came with a late 90s lower line Pioneer CD head unit and stock speakers. It is a physical impossibility for this car to every have a true SQ system in it. The exhaust is incredibly loud, I am not going to weigh it down with a bunch of sound deadening and it has typical 80s domestic build quality and has it's share of clunks and rattles. I have spent the last few days reading up on what works these days and I will recap what I am currently thinking but I am sure there is plenty that I have missed in the last 20 years. This is a somewhat budget build but I am willing to spend (some) money in places where it matters. I mostly listen to rock, metal, country, hick-hop, some rap, and anything else that I feel like at the moment. I am not looking for an SPL monster but it needs to play loud and clear to overpower the exhaust and open windows since it currently has no AC. I wouldn't mind the ability to get loud when needed but it isn't a major design consideration.

Head Unit: I will probably keep Pioneer in the dash for a period correct look and still have some capability for CDs and terrestrial radio if I ever feel the need to listen to either which should be practically never. The main source of audio input will be bluetooth streaming to the......

DSP: Dayton DSP-408 with bluetooth dongle and wired volume knob.

Amps: For the time being I am thinking cheap stuff that puts out what it says it will. The ford 2g alternator is a bit on the anemic side and I am hoping my mature nearing middle aged self will show some restraint with the volume knob will and make the blazing 65 amps it puts out suffice.

Full Range Amp: PPI i520.4 (100 X 4 RMS @ 4 Ω)

Sub Amp: Soundstream AR1.4500d (900 X 1 @ 4 Ω)

Bass: Upsizing is much cheaper than multiple drivers and box space is practically free in a hatchback that never hauls anything so I am thinking of going with....

Subwoofer: Dayton Ultimax 15 D-2 in a vented box ~3.5 cu ft. tuned to 27hz.

Rear Fill: None

Front speakers - This is where it gets tough, remember I said that this car is loud and SQ is impossible. I was originally going to go with some decent co-ax speakers or some budget components in the $150 range. The problem with this is that the dude at the stereo shop yesterday insisted on also playing the audiofrog GS60 / GS10 components. So I truly don't know what I want to do here and need some help. I don't want to throw money away on something that I won't be able to appreciate over the roar and rattles but the AF components sounded head and shoulders better than the other stuff on the wall. Thank Goodness he didn't play the GB series stuff or my wallet might catch on fire. So the upper end of what I might be willing to spend is either a GB60 mid and GS10 or MAYBE GB15 tweeter. So that puts the absolute upper end at $450-650 on front components.

Is there anything out there that might fit my needs for a little less coin. They will be run active crossover.

Please help get me on the right track to get some sound in my ride.
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