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I just purchased a 94 Jag to use as a daily driver. As of now everything is stock in the interior. I will be using some old equipment. I have lying around,

Clarion DXZ785USB
Soundstream RUB 800.5
Older 10” Kicker Comp
5.25” components in front and rear doors

I may replace the kicker with a 12”. I would like to try the Alpine Bassline sub, years ago I had an 10” Alpine type E and I loved it.

I am undecided on the components. I was looking at Massive MK5s, they look to be beefy and reasonably priced. My main question is tweeter placement. The car has factory seperates, but I think the tweeter placement is terrible. The front tweeters are in the dash aimed at the windshield. The rears are on the parcel deck aimed at the back glass. Both front and rear mids are in the doors.

I have no problem drilling a hole for the tweets in the door panels. Would that be the better place for them?
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