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Unfortunately because of monetary constraints I will be unable to configure my system in the three way front stage like previously planned.

On to plan b....

So far after much deliberation, I've decided to use the amps I own for now (unless someone has a tru 4.65 they really really want to get rid of) and stick with a two way front stage. The predicament is I need it to be relatively inexpensive. After extremely good reviews from racerraul and others I was thinking of the RS tweet, and RS 8 midbass. Here is my question. Are there any other brands or drivers I should consider at this price range before making my final decision?

Just for your info, the amps are a soundstream xtream (shut up) 360.4, a tru 2.100, and a jbl old 600.1 (shut up again.) The sub I will be going with is the peerless xxls because it models better in the box I already have built than the dayton.

All help is apreciated.

Thanks in advance.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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