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Like Andy pointed out, if the polarity is reversed, it's intentional. Your observation in tip#3 is inaccurate, flipping polarity alone will have no affect on the excursion of a single driver. The speaker will move the same regardless of polarity, it's the acoustic response that may vary. Phase is a relationship between two or more sound sources, so flipping phase on a single speaker will not change how that particular speaker behaves, it will only affect how that speaker interacts with the rest of the speakers. The polarity that the speakers are wired doesn't really matter, it's the acoustic response that matters. Usually you don't need to switch the phase 180 degrees, a few degrees of adjustment via TA is usually the fix, but ultimately it's the acoustic phase that matters, not the electrical polarity.

I'm glad you got everything dialed in the way you want.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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