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a/d/s S7's for midbass duty opinions? Who's had experience with them?

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Some background, I have not been in the industry for 17 years now, which is the last time I had a system. I'm refurbing my mother-in-law's 1993.5 Toyota Supra and now that I've gotten exterior mods, repaint, upholstery and even an engine swap with some power mods done, it's time to get back in the game.

I've decided that since I'm stuck in a time capsule anyway, to try to get a period-correct system in the car. You'll see my attempt in the product list. I've done the prerequisite multi-layered and multi-product Dynamat deadening to doors, skins, floors, trunk. The last 2 things I'm wondering about are these a/d/s 7's I picked up for the sheer nostalgia of it, and what 3 way crossover to get. So that I do not completely lose SQ I'm willing to cheat and use an Audio Control DXS (not period correct!) to handle the x/o and eq in which case I would lose the ES eq.

Sony CDXC-910 (wow I love this old school look!)
Sony CDP-210eq 15 bands of EQ
No 3-way crossover, I need one that will cut at 1kHz for the horns

Image Dynamics CD1Ev2MH's --> Lanzar Opti 100 (50x2)
a/d/s S7's --> Lanzar Opti 200 (100x2) ... possible that I pick up another 200 in which case I could bridge them to the mids
Focal 13" --> Lanzar Opti 500 (250x2)

Can those of you with some experience with these a/d/s speakers chime in? I listen to a variety of music and my CD's will range from pop to rock to alternative to rap within just the drive to work. I don't need SPL but it's always nice to be able to drown out the guy next to you when his trunk is rattling, and I tend to enjoy a warmer sound overall (the upside down EQ) vs. lots of bass or lots of high end.
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