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Car: 97 Legacy Wagon

Gear: Retain OEM HU
Focus On Front Stage

There are stock components up front. I am not exactly sure how it's wired, but I do know the tweeters have a CAP & I ASSUME the Mids have an X-Over/Cap as well? I do not see any external Passive X-Over so I assume each tweet/mid has their own Cap.

I want to Retain my OEM Tweeters (yes, ha). Can I swap out the Mids W/ Raw Drivers from PE or Madisound? I am not exactly sure what my OEM tweeters cross down to. The OEM Locations are 6.5," depth is 2" but I CAN get spacers so 3.5"-4" for depth. I need something w/ a good off axis response, correct? They will be running IB in the doors, so I need a QTC of .7 right? From my understanding, you want to find a QTC of .6-.7 & do not go over .7 but I am having a hard time finding any 6.5" drivers W/ that high of a Q, most of them are only half that.

Also, I assume I would need some type of HP correct? Is there any way I can buy them-I mean I don't want to be sending 30 HZ tones to my 6.5" Mids. But, I don't want them playing higher frequencies so wouldn't I need some type of cross between my Mid tweeter or would that be the HP? I mean just let my Mids play as high as they want or do I need to cross them to my tweeter?

& lets say sometime in the future I want to replace my tweeters. I take it I can buy a Passive X-Over for my tweeters right?

Thanks guys!
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