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A KILLER DEAL! on 8" subs (not for sale by me)

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I was going to order my CA18RNX, and LPG 25nfa from npdang, but I was looking at madisound and saw this:

So I ordered 4, 2 for me and 2 for the girlfriend, along with my CA18's and 25nfa's(will be making a seperate post about those later tonight)

I owned two of the 1st version RE8's(just sold a couple days ago) that were single 2ohm and they are absolutely IDENTICAL to these in every aspect. If you set the two of them next to each other the ONLY difference is that the RE's have the logo screenprinted on the dustcap. I say this with much authority being that I am a machinist and die maker and I am trained to see minute differences in two parts(we're talking thousandths of an inch here). The backplates are stamped from the same die, the gasket is cut from the same die, the spiders are identical and have the same number of convolutions, even the terminal plate that the voice coil leads go to is the same. They even have the same funny sealing foam on the back of the mounting lip. The basket is also stamped from the same die and the coil resistance is the same. I wish I could have gotten pics of them next to each other before I had to ship the RE's out but I didn't want to make that guy wait too long.

I checked the TS specs and there are some differences, but I don't know if that is just because the supplier of these used different measuring techniques or there actually are some differences. I tried these in the same box I had the RE's in and they sound absolutely identical. I'm not saying the same exact sub, but at least 99% the same to eye, and 99% the same to ear, and my eyes and ears ain't all that bad.

I know that this forum is intended to promote maximum bang for buck, so if you want some bass you absolutely cannot beat a pair of these for $30+shipping. Period.

I called madisound after receiving my 4 subs and they said they still have around 60 of them. I personally am going to buy 4 more and I wanted to share this with all of you guys since it seems to fit the philosophy here, instead of posting it on SD or something and have twenty drooling teenagers buy them all in 3 seconds.
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Not bad, I like the Audax 3" midrange too. Chit only $9 each!
Can anyone find a frequency graph on this sub?
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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