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I'm trying to put together my 3-way front stage and i was lookin through the forum trying to get more of an idea of the differences between some tweeters and some of the different mids out there.

The tweeter's i'm thinkin but also not sure about are the Seas 27tffnc(textile dome) or the Seas 27tafnc(aluminum dome). I've been browsin through the threads about them and can't seem to find a good comparison. Theres a couple great reviews on them but i kinda just wanted to know the pros and cons with both. I heard the tafnc would be better for high detail and clarity. I want the tweet to be very clear and detailed but not harsh. I do play rock at very high volume levels so i also don't want the tweet to make my ears bleed. I really loved the 2008 Alpine SPX tweeter but i don't want to pay for the whole component set. If you guys have any other ideas feel free to throw em at me. Budgets about $50 per tweet.

As for my 6.5 midbass i'm thinkin Hessdawg's ID OEM 2.5's or Peerless' SLS. I love both's specs and it's hard to choose.

The midrange i'm thinkin will be the 5.5" Seas Prestige MCA15RCY. I haven't heard too much bout this mid but it looks pretty good from what i can see.

The 5.5 and the tweet will be in the kicks in a silverado. The 6.5 will go in the stock door location.

Power's not too much of a big deal. I have two JL 450/4's on hand. I'm gettin the Pioneer 980mp for the HU.
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