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A pair of CDT 07's was donated to the ILoveTi Foundation.

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NGUyEN! or whoever has experiece with 07's

A friend gave me a pair of CDT 07's midbass drivers for my b-day. :D Since i have it, i might as well put it to good use. lol In Nguyen's recent review the cdt's are very comparable to the G18's in midrange clarity and dynamics...but lack the G18's low end. I won't be using this driver as a Midbass but more of a midrange. :shock: in kicks. :shock: :shock: These drivers are meant for IB use in doors but i already have teh Seas w18 in the doors. Nguyen since you tested these babies out, how high would you cross these babies in kicks? I know kicks aren't what these speakers are meant for and air space would be a big determining factor. BUT! would i be ok just using them as a dedicated midrange? Say 200hz to 4khz? HOw much air space would be needed? .5cuft per stuffed with polyfill and sealed off be enough? ..or the only way to go is porting to outside of the vehicle? ( i really don't want to do this ) :cry:

SOrry for all the questions but CDT doesn't list specs for sealed enclosures.
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You do realize .5cf is 6"x6"x12" of net internal volume? :eek:

I have my Seas w18 crossed at 2khz, 4th order acoustic.

Check out the review forum I posted the fr plots for the xxx, cdt07, and the G18RNX/P.

Will post the distortion and waterfall plots tomorrow.
My advice, if you don't like the LCY130 down low... as in it's too spacious and airy.. maybe semi-laid back... then try a large ribbon like say an AC g3/g1, or Fountek jp2 or 5.0. Those suckers have very strong low end that can make the sound much more aggressive and in your face.

I can get a pretty "fat" full bodied sounding midrange by keeping the 200-400hz and maybe even 800hz area boosted. The upper midrange 1-3khz Imho tends to be more of that agressive, forward sound rather than body.
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