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I've read (not confirmed) that horizontally mounting a mid/tweeter together isn't a good idea due to lobing. In my car, I didn't really notice a problem with that. I'll be trying vertical alignment (mid on bottom, tweeter above it) this next go-round to see what if I notice a real difference. $.02
lobing would only be a concern if the driver were playing the same passband, like you I haven't noticed any adverse effects of horizontal mounting.
I'd like to keep the mid and tweeter as close as possible because I'll be splitting T/A to both of them and I don't want it to sound different on each driver.
TA won't matter at all for the tweeters really, level matching is much more important for high frequencies.

I would suggest a 3" fullrange (the peerless is excellent) with a 3/4" dome crossed over at 5-6khz. I've A/B many GREAT 6.5"/1" combos with the conventional ~3khz xover and I can't tell you how much more coherent a good fullrange sounds taking over that lower treble and eliminating that xover in the crtical range... i can't see myself going back to a conventional 2way anymore.
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