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So, I’m trying to finish up a car system that my wife and I both expect to be our best ever. We’ve had a few good and very good systems over the years.
This time it’s our 2013 Honda CR-V OEN radio feeding speaker level into an AudioControl DM608 and then to a SS Ref644 and a Boston GT-28. Subwoofer is a 12W7, rear doors have Alpine Type X coaxials and the front doors have a classic set of Boston Pro 6.5 components running passive for now. I may go active with the front but I haven’t settled on it yet. I want to get it sounding as good as possible before I go more advanced.
The troubleshooting on this project has been interesting for several reasons and I’d like to do a build log here with more details but just know I’ve run into enough little quirks and issues that any new issue I felt I needed to suspect anything was possibly wrong in the signal chain.
Tonight I was trying to eliminate a very odd buzz from the front stage. It was only present (or maybe most prevalent) at certain frequencies in certain songs. I wasn’t sure if I was dealing with a problem with gain structure or EQ issues so I checked all that first. I was able to rule out the processor input side by feeding the rear outputs with the front inputs and I had no buzzing.
It also sounded similar to a blown/loose voice coil in a front woofer but that didn’t really make sense.

So I was looking at door panel issues next because it also sounded like a loose panel or panel vibration maybe, except that it was present at very low volumes that shouldn’t make the door resonate that much. I was also careful to use a couple different sound dampening products to prevent this. So with the door panel off I still had the buzzing noise.

And I’m looking at the woofer in the door and just decide to touch the dustcap while it’s playing (and buzzing). Touching the dustcap changed the buzzing.

I turned off the music and gently used a sharp pick tool to pry up the edge of the dustcap and it basically fell off. So I spent all this time tracking down an issue as simple as old glue on a dustcap allow the cap to ever so slightly buzz against the cone.

Maybe someone else will be helped by this. I know I’m not the only one using vintage speakers.

Best of luck, thanks for reading.
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