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AA Avalanche - Are They Any Good?

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I cleaned up the garage today and came across 2 Avalanche 15's. I forgot I even had them. I bought them directly from AA about 3 years ago and only used them for a couple of weeks.(I ended up selling the car they were in)

I'm having a hard time remembering what they were all about and if they are considered a good sub to people in general.

I definitely will not being using them.
1. I have a 350Z and they would not fit.
2. I want to put a single 10 in very soon.

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If they weren't so damn heavy and needed such huge boxes, though :(
X1000 on the heaviness of them. I picked on up today and I was like damn :eek:
The Avalanche was the predecessor to the current Arsenal series. The Avalanches weigh about twice what the Arsenals do. The Avalanches were xbl2 technology licensed and the Arsenals use shorting rings instead(free technology). Damn sexy looking mother too. I've got one in my "too many drivers in the closet collection". I've read that they're a helluva HT sub driver as well.

The only knock I've ever read about the Avalanche series was that they didn't have a good high end.. say above 70hz , but being xbl2 they were low end monsters. They were significant because they liked small boxes and could really get down. They were sold direct via internet and offered very good value. This is starting to sound familiar ......
Thanks guys. This is very informative stuff.

Unfortunately these things will just sit around and collect more dust. (I have bags around them actually but you know what I mean)

If I can find a buyer for these how it the world would I ship something so damn heavy?
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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