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Subwoofer : Rockford Fosgate R2 Ultra Shallow 10-Inch 4 Ohm DVC Subwoofer

Amp : Rockford Fosgate R2-250X1 Prime

Truck: 2017 Nissan Frontier Pro 4X w/stock Rockford Fosgate head unit and speakers.

Be gentle on me here, I know I made a stupid mistake. I'm just trying to figure out what I may have damaged. The head unit, or the speakers themselves.

What I did :
1. I accidentally hooked up the amp output to the rear speaker that I was supposed to be drawing my input from, and connected the hi level input to the sub (opposite of how those two pairings should've been hooked up. So when I turned it on to test, I essentially launched amp power backwards to my rear left speaker and subsequently toward my head unit. Now, my deck still works, but neither of the rear speakers work, and the sub isn't working (with input/output now hooked up correctly; directly from rear left speaker to hi-level input)
2. Also, I realized that at the same time, the +/- wires were backwards from the rear left speaker to the amp. (don't ask. I was working on this with my brother and we miscommunicated + and - pairings)
3. Bonus fun fact :
When I bang/vibrate the outside of the rear left door (where the speaker to amp connection is) the sub picks up these vibrations and audibly produces sound with considerable volume.

Any thoughts on?
a.) what damage may have occurred from powering up with backwards input/output connections and with backwards +/- at the same time. Did I blow something in my head unit? If, during my incorrect power up, the connection from my amp was to my rear left speaker, why is the right speaker also not working now?
b.) why the sub is now picking up sound /audible vibrations from the rear left door where the input connection is made?


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It’s tough to tell what got damaged without going thru and testing everything. You might check the fuse panel and see if there’s a fuse blown for a factory amp, if there is one. You didn’t mention if the front speakers still work?

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Hitting the door and subs play? Have you checked your door wiring? Possible hitting the door is causing a ground and sending feedback through the system. Something is grounding. I’d start over with just one installer this time. And as others have said maybe a pro.
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