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Adapter to Charge and Play Music from iPad

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I am using an iPad Mini 6th generation to play music from and will use it for navigation and such but I need an adapter that will let me play music and charge it at the same time. I tried a Belkin USB-C splitter ( Belkin USB-C Splitter (Audio + Charge Adapter) USB-C Headphone Adapter, USB-C PD Fast Charging) but it didn't work. The iPad would charge for 1 second and then stop and say not charging and would never pass through audio. Belkin told me it wasn't compatible with a 6th gen Mini so I returned it.

I am using the Apple lightning to USB3 camera adapter in my car because I am using the USB HEC for the Helix DSP.3 but since Apple can't make up its mind which connector to use and the iPad is USB-C I don't know if it'll work with the iPad because I can't connect it. I am using it in mine or my wife's SUV's where it connects to a factory USB port. So, if the Apple camera adapter would even work, I would need a male-to-male USB-A cable and a lighting to USB-C adapter/cable. I wonder if all of that would affect sound quality at all, too.
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What do you mean “The radio won’t see it”? I thought you were connecting the iPad direct to the Helix DSP, and not to the radio?
Sorry. I generally find I post too much information and no one will read through my post to help me, so I tried to keep this short and sweet. I am trying to use this in a 2008 Escalade with an iSimple Gateway interface to add a USB port (which sees the iPhone or iPad as an iPod) and a 2013 Escalade which is completely stock and has a factory USB port (also sees as an iPod). My car is the only one I'm using the Helix USB card in and am bypassing the factory radio, but I haven't found a workable solution to mounting the iPad. Since it really wasn't a huge deal to use it in the car and with the difference in connectors which would make going back and forth from iPad to iPhone a pain, I just gave up on using it in the car, but I realize I never mentioned that in this thread.

I searched on Amazon last night for an hour and found an adapter that makes a male lighting into a male USB-C. It was $7 so I went ahead and ordered. It says it doesn't support headphones but supports charging and data transfer. It seems there are tons of adapters to go from USB-C to lighting but not the other way. Most said charging only, headphones only, or data transfer only.
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Ok, I think I may be following.

One thing to understand about USB is that it works on a device (or client) and host relationship. This is why USB A and B ports were originally used for the connections; so people couldn't connect two devices/clients together or couldn't connect two hosts together. The USB A ports on a computer are examples of a Host, and the USB B ports on a printer, or on your Helix DSP, are examples of a device or client.

The multimedia adapter provides you with a USB A connection so the iPad can act as a host to connect to a client device. The Helix DSP has a USB B connection, because it is a device/client. This is why I was suggesting it should work fine with a simple USB A to USB B cable; You're connecting a host to a device, just as USB is intended to be used.

The other situation you are describing is different. I assume the iSimple Gateway has a USB A connection on it, and is intended to act as a host for an iPod connecting as a client device. When you put the multimedia adapter in the middle, you're now changing the iPad into a Host, so it's no longer acting as a client device. This is why it has a USB A connection on it and not a USB B connection. This isn't as simple as finding a cable with a USB A connector on both ends, as that would mean connecting two USB hosts to each other which USB doesn't allow for.

If you want to connect two USB hosts together, you need something specifically designed to allow this in the middle. iConnectivity Audio makes things like this, but they're not really suitable for mobile audio installation.

I imagine some DACs may allow for this, although I don't have any experience with them. Maybe a DAC designed for home use which can take HDMI as an input, extract the audio, and convert to USB acting as a device? This would be some box/adapter with an HDMI female connector for the input and either a USB A male connector/dongle, or a USB B female connector for the output.
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Ok, that makes sense and explains a lot. So, then in theory the lighting connector camera adapter I’ve been using in the car with my phone should work with the iPad if I can get a USB C adapter but probably won’t work in the trucks.

I think I’ll just call this and go for the Bluetooth audio adapter solution for the 13. I’ll never run the battery down just driving to and from work so I’ll just keep using it in my vehicles without it charging. I’ve bought a pile of cables now I have no use for and stupidly threw away all the packaging so I can’t return it.
If you go with bluetooth, then the iPad's connector is available for charging, right?
If I were you, I'd just use bluetooth audio as well, and integrate an iPad mount with a cable connected just for charging.

In my car, I use a ProClip device mount for my iPhone and have a cable running to the back of my head unit. But I only have an iPhone 2nd gen SE, which charges fine from the headunit's USB connection. I do find the ProClip mounts to be really well made though.

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Yes, that would leave the connector open for charging. The other alternative was to use the iPad for navigation only and use a phone to play the music on a trip so the iPad can charge, that just annoys me because I bought the cellular model for this purpose.

I have looked at ProClip’s mounts. Unfortunately, they only have one option for my car and it says it doesn’t fit manual transmission models. I have a short throw shifter so I did buy it anyway to give it go but the iPad will definitely not work and my phone may just barely work only because it’s a 13 Mini and not a larger model.
I wonder if this will work.

HIGHROCK 30cm USB 2.0 a Power Enhancer Y 1 Female to 2 Male Data Charge Cable Extension Cord(1pc)
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