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I want to add a new sub and amp to my Chrysler 300S but also keep my factory dre beats sub connected. I need to acquire a signal (usually using a line out converter) to send to my new amp via rca's. Do you know if its possible to tap off of the factory sub for the signal? Or would there be an issue with the signal coming from the factory amp to my factory sub. Typically people could connect a LOC to their factory speakers rather than their sub. But my speakers are not convenient to get at, and my sub is right where i will be doing all my connections.

I was thinking i may be able to splice the wires going to my factory sub to a LC2i’s speaker inputs and then to my new amp. But i am worried the signal from my factory amp not being proper to connect to a LC2i.

I also plan on running a equalization remote/dial to my new amp to adjust the gain.
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