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For anyone interested in learning as much as possible about designing, installing, and tuning great sounding car audio systems, we're going to be presenting the two-day Advanced Sound Quality Seminar in our M.S.E. facility in a couple of weeks here in Bixby, OK (on the southern edge of Tulsa).

We've got two attendance options set up for this seminar:

Option 1: Two consecutive Sundays, March 29 & April 5, for those near Tulsa that can only attend on Sundays.

Option 2: Saturday/Sunday, April 4 & 5, for those that can attend both days in a single weekend.

Herre is a link to the primary thread in the 12 Volt Events forum regarding this seminar. It has more details, and the class outline.

If you are interested in attending, and/or want more information, please get in touch with us.

(918) 810-2535
[email protected]

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