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Hi everyone,

I am doing my first car audio setup. Installation will be done at a proper place since I don't want to mess it up the first time.

I need help with buying new equipment and setting up the whole system for the best sound imaging / staging.

What I have already bought:

  • Head Unit : Pioneer-fhx369ub

    Speakers : Focal Performance R-165 S2 Auditor 6.5" Component Speaker
    Polk Audio - DB401 - 4" Coaxial Speaker

I am hoping to set these up for the best sound staging and quality. My main doubts are :

How and where should I place these speakers for optimum sound staging and quality?

Should I buy an amplifier for this setup? ;

Should I buy a Sub Woofer for more bass. I am not serious into SW's, just need a distinct clear thud from a powerful component rather than a vibrating car :D

Should I buy more speakers for this setup? If so, which ones would go nicely with these above systems?

P.S. About my car : It's a small hatchback with an l x b x h = 3600 x 1600 x 1560 (mm). The doors can hold only a 4" speaker. So I don't know if I can place the 6.5" components in them. The originally planned configuration for the 6.5" components was in the rear parcel tray and the 4" coaxials in the front doors.

Any help , advice and opinion is highly appreciated. Thanks for helping out a newbie :)
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