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Advice on using mosconi 6to8 with 8200nex vs just using built in crossover / TA

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I currently have a 4runner with entune premium, no jbl, running to a mosconi 6to8 and then to an arc audio 1200.6 then to morel 2 way active fronts and mb quart subs. I am going to install a 8200nex in the next day or two because I am unsatisfied with the sound from the entune.

I was hoping for some advice on continuing to use the mosconi vs going straight to the 1200.6 and using the built in crossover/eq/TA in the 8200nex.

Current complaints with entune include hiss only controlled by turning mosconi input dial down to the minimum and levels significantly different between sources and overall poor sound despite endless tuning.

Thanks to anyone with advice!
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That Pioneer does not have network mode so you would have to use the crossovers in the amp. You will also be giving up separate L/R and a lot of flexibility in eq without the DSP as well.
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