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Hey all you DIYers,

First off, yes I know, I bastardize the hell outta the "elipses" = (...)

I got a new car (2010 Corolla LE) and it is pretty plain jane, but is killer on gas and rides like a damn caddy compared to my 2003 honda civic si... I am a musician with an electronic fixation lol so a system goes without saying not to mention I already had most of the equipment..

Today is the first day I was actually able to drive my car around and play with some settings, and am very pleased with the performance of the HAT imagine series, however my overall system seems... well something is lacking..

I am looking for SQ over straight power, in other words, my goal isn't to blow off my damn rear view mirror... Just know that I could certainly rattle it a good bit if I ever felt the need heh..

Anyways My general system rundown is as follows:

FRONT DOORS- HAT 6.5" components (Imagine series)
REAR DECK- Alpine type-R 6.5" Components
SUB IN DA TRUNK- 12" crappy ol' power acoustik
MIDS AMP- crappy ol' Pioneer 4-channel GM-6200F
SUB AMP- Audiobahn 800watt mono class D
oh, and a 3farad cap just for giggles..

OH! and no sound dampening done yet either..
got a quote from Don from for only like 135shipped to do the big 3 to both my front doors with some to spare.. Think maybe that is where I am loosing sound quality??

Alright.. With that being said. I Love the way the HATs sound, and was VERY impressed with the alpine type-rs in my front doors of my old car(2003 honda civic si... The hatchback model)... BUUUUT, maybe it is the acoustical layout of the car... but I just feel... It should sound better...

TOTALLY up for some suggestions on what I should replace for best noticable difference in SQ or maybe add an audison sound processing product? or JBL's?...

What would you guys do??
Any specific thing I should be looking at?

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Dampen and seal the doors and get rid of the rears. Not sure what hu you're running but some dsp would help a lot.
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