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Almost fed up with this!!

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Well...I had a kick done for some newer speakers (lpg 25nfa/zeropoint 4" mid) and went to hook it up to my 300/4. What the hell!!!!......the low ohm protection came on. I checked the coils of both speakers and they check out just fine. I checked the speaker wire and nothing was shorting now what? The pcb was removed from the shell to have a look-see. I noticed that some spots became very hot and some leftover flux had burnt up a little on some VIA's and Leads. Dammmmmmm...just when i want to pick up some better midbass...this crap happens. so, now I am stuck using my old kicker 600.4 for the front stage and have nothing to run my midbass.

Q: Thinking about (KISS) going two-way, but I still want some good punch!

I want to buy them from ya, but have no idea what I should do, because I have been reading WAY too much and have become really confused on the right path to take.

Please help a depressed guy!


Love the site!!!!
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oh yes!! Well...not completely, but the output is crap ( distortion at any level ). I could post some pics?? It still will not come out of low ohm protection!
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