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Hey just wanted to say Aloha! I’ve been into car audio since 98 and have had a few mild systems in all but one of my cars, my ‘07 SI.

I started out with two 8” Pioneers a friend gave me for a good deal and put them on a Kicker XI 652 in my first car, a beat up old Tercel. Switched those 8” subs for one Soundstream USA 12 ported, and this box was huge to spec but didn’t sound great, so I added a second USA and went sealed. This setup sat in two cars. The older USA blew after a few years l so I sold the second one and got a JL 10W1 and enjoyed this single sub over the Soundstreams lol. When someone said they wanted the JL for their truck, I gave it to them and got a Massive Audio CW12 sealed. 6 months later I added a second sub and got a Kicker XI 2252. The Kicker lasted two years and started popping fuses. I had it fixed and shortly after moving the system into my new Scion tC it finally stopped working. So I picked up a Massive RP1500, and this thing was a true beast able to wire down to 1 ohm. It was the first time I had heard of class D amps, and this was so much more efficient than the XI was. It never ran hot at all. I pulled the box out, removed my spare and built an MDF sealed sub floor box for the 12’s. This was an awesome setup but when I sold my car, I didn’t pull anything out and said goodbye to car audio.

I didn’t add a system to my ‘07 Civic SI because it had a decent stock system, though I did miss that “big” sound.

I picked up an ‘18 Sentra and immediately thought it was missing even a little low end.

I was considering a single 10, probably sealed as I had more experience liking how it sounded. I ended up going ported lol. I went to a few local shops and settled on a single JLW3 10 in HO ported box with a JL XD600. The owner was cool, didn’t pressure me at all, even wheeled the box out, put it into my trunk and let me sample it by having me tune into the same radio station. I picked it up. I liked that the box was kind of small but the sound as pretty big off of only 600 watts. This was a pretty good sounding setup, but after 6 months of listening, it sounded like maybe JL tuned it kind of high. My guess would be maybe above @40hz. Deep bass kind of sounded subdued. I started to notice it didn’t dig as deep as I wanted, and some songs didn’t sound as good as my setup two cars ago. I wanted a little more.

I was tired of going to shops, as only one of the bunch I visited were helpful at all, so I started searching online. I browsed YouTube videos, Crutchfield reviews, and different forums. I ended up getting two Skar VVX 10’s and had a ported box built to spec. The JL amp was only feeding these subs half their RMS, so I sold that and picked up an Infinity k1000 amp which Crutchfield had dropped prices on since the new models were about to be released. After seeing Budget Gem YouTube dyno video clocking this amp at about 1200 watts certified, I thought this would be just right. It’s small but certainly big enough for the Skars. This setup really digs deep! Their website is not joking when they say it hits deep bass with authority lol. This is their SQ sub I believe I’ve read. It really is a step up from my previous setups.

I wasn’t expecting ported to sound so great. Even quick hits, bass drums hitting right after bass guitar notes, these subs don’t struggle at all. The only thing I am unhappy with is the box size lol. At 3.5 ft3, it takes up the back half of my trunk. I’m on the fence about swapping and getting a single 12” in no more than a 2ft3 box, I don’t know...

That’s my story lol. Aloha!
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