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Good friends, my name is Fran and I'm from Spain.
I'm going to make an inquiry as these here in Spain kenwood sources were not a lot and can not find anyone to tell me something about them.
I have an alpine Aora 117ri same, I think this model is the same as you have you there.
I have those 3 that indicates segundamano kenwood aki in Spain but still I have nothing confirmed them.
I would love to prove a source of these, but clearly I'm going on an adventure, since I do not know.
Also I have a source cd7200MKII eclipse, an alpine alpine 9815 and 9835 of segundamano to buy
What would you do? Change the font to try new things? or stay with my alpine 117ri, and I will not notice much change?
My car is an Alfa Romeo 147 Ducati Corse jtd with audio system xion 160.4 stage, separate ways Helon 165 audio system, subwoofer coral hds 815 in sealed drawer full car soundproofing.
Thank you very much for your help
A greeting from Spain
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