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Recently I bought Audison BitOne processor (bout month ago) and still haven't installed it. The question is, should I buy aftermarket radio or stay with stock head unit? My current setup is :

-Stock head unit (BMW E39 '98 Business RDS)
-Rockford Fosgate T600-4
-JL Audio Slash 500/1v2
-JL Audio 12w6v3 d2
-Supremo SW6 Woofers
-Supremo Tweeters (the bigger ones)
-Audison BitOne (not installed)
-Xcarlink digital mp3/cd changer emulator (the weakest link, I think)

Before that, I had Pioneer PR88RS . I f**** hated that radio. Sure, the sound was crisp and clean but overall experience and overall sound was uninteresting and unsatisfactory to say the least. My stock head unit doesn't deliver clear sound. I'm beginning to doubt that solely installing Audison BitOne processor will take care of it. I think I'm gonna need a better HU which will additionally free me of Xcarlink which I don't trust SQ-wise.

Please help. Any advice will be aprreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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