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Friday Finally!

Ok, enough chit chat, a few questions:

1. I'm adding an Alpine 3" midrange to my vehicle, pretty excited to try out a 3 way set-up. My question is, the 3" mid is 6 ohm, and the other speakers in the components are 4 ohm. What is reason for that difference? How will this change how you power/ eq that speaker?

2. the Alpine DSP has 3 yellow constant wires in the harness (16g), and 3 ground wires (16g)- I've never wired in a DSP before, do you only use one of those, combine them? The manual doesn't indicate why there are three. but I assume there is some reason.

3. To run a yellow constant, is that run from the harness where my HU is? or is there another spot to tap into a constant?

3. Will the DSP need to be grounded to a separate spot than the rest of the system?

4. The DSP has a 22g power wire in the harness- I have 4G power cable into a DB block with 4G running my amplifiers... can I use that power source, and do I just have to put a fuse in between that power and the DSP harness/ unit?

5. How much does one lose in sound quality by having mid bass speakers behind the stock door panel? I have the door sound deadened, I did custom install rings for the drivers, and foam surround trying to make the install as good as possible. I'm thinking about cutting the door panel, and doing a custom fit for the 6.5 drivers... any opinions on the incremental increase in quality? Its an old car, so if I screw it up, not the end of the world, but to do the work Id like to know it really matters. I guess I could run with door panel on and off, take measurements, and see what difference there is I guess?

6. Does it matter if the the 3" midrange is below the tweeter, or vice versa? I can put that 3" in the upper door panel, 6-8 " above the 6.5 driver, and the tweeter in the sail panel (little panels that cover the outside mirror access)- I can do fiber glassed a-pillars and do the 3" and tweeters there are well.

7. I'm redoing my sub Enclosure, and it will now be point toward my rear gate (previously in the wheel well, pointing up)...when you are thinking about time delay/ alignment, for that set-up, do you have to account for the different direction?

A lot here, but so many great posters, any help would be appreciated. Its gonna be fun to learn how to make system sound great... thanks!
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