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Okay, I've run into some issues with the PXA-H100 in my setup

I have an x100 head, the H100 processor, a PDX 4.150 bi-amping my Boston Z6 speakers in the front doors and then a PDX 1.600 running a JL Audio 12w6v2.

When I run the tuning on the PXA using the windows software I get crackling from the right front tweeter at 80+ percent volume on the deck.

if I defeat the MultiEQ the overall system volume is louder and I don't get noise from any speaker.

Anyone have any ideas?

Should I run this with the switch set to 3 way or not? Does it matter? I have no rear fill and I dont see how i'd get that third set of speakers hooked up anyhow because the manual isn't exactly clear on that if I had another set of amp channels to do it with.

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