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I'm in sort of a bind and need to get rid of this stuff.

First up is an H700 set I bought from Bikinipunk a couple months ago. Its been sitting in a cabinet since it came in. I'm not going to have the time until the summer for anymore installs so I'm going to let it go. Looking to get $500 shipped to the lower 48. I currently don't have any pictures and my camera took a dump on me, I can send cell phone pictures if need be.

Next up is an LP 5002, I got this on Craigslist awhile ago and had planned to send it to TIPS to have the mods done. I had it tested at a local audio shop and they said it worked, however, they nor I know much about these so I'm going to sell as is, just in case. I'd like $200 shipped to the lower 48. I snapped pics of this when I picked it up.

1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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