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I used to have the CDA-9887, which I thought sounded great after tuning with IMPRINT, but I was never all that impressed with the iPod functionality (the primary way I listen to music in the car) and then it was stolen, so I decided to go back to the drawing board and try the iDA-X100. Considering that getting it and the H100 to add Imprint was about the same price as the 9887 by itself, this seemed like a pretty reasonable idea.

Well, I got everything from Crutchfield and installed it myself, but now that it's all up and running, I'm having a problem with the Imprint software. With the 9887, the fact that I didn't have a sub attached wasn't a problem--the software checked for it once, and when it didn't find anything, it skipped that step for the rest of the measurements. But with the H100, the software throws an error and stops the measurement process completely. I've tried turning the subwoofer setting off in the HU, and I've tried resetting the HU entirely, but to no avail.

I called both Crutchfield and Alpine about the problem, and Crutchfield said it "may be the software" while Alpine first said it was because I was measuring in Windows Vista (which wasn't a problem with the 9887, but whatever) and then after I tried again on an XP laptop and had the same problem, they said it's because I'm running the front speakers from an amp while the rears are stock, something which again wasn't a problem with the 9887. The only additional wrinkle is that to get sound from the rears using the PXA-H100, I have to run RCA cables out from the head unit and back into the H100, which the tech support at Alpine says is "putting the speakers on different levels and confusing the software into thinking you have a sub" even though nothing is plugged into either the HU's sub RCAs or the H100's. He suggested either rerouting the rears into the amp, but pushing 200 watts per to stock speakers doesn't seem like a good idea. I suppose I could also upgrade the rears or add a sub according to this logic, but I'm not entirely convinced that he's assessed the problem correctly.

Does anyone have just front and rears that has successfully ran the Imprint measurements using the PXA-H100?
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