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Alpine Imprint 'Linear' Curve Question

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I tried out the Linear curve on one of my imprint runs. It was the best tuning i've had but the Sub was dead meaning even if i turn up the gain still the sub is dead. Does the Linear really do this?? because when i tried the other 2 curves the Sub was there...TIA for the replies
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turn the sub down.....way down before running imprint. Turn imprint off, then adjust your sub gain so it is "just" audible. the software picks up on sound pressure and the sub creates alot.

This has been mentioned a billion times. linear is aiming for flat...we listen to music with the bass up for many reasons but imprint will try to keep the bass level even with everything else....Just turn it way down and then adjust it back up until you get the bass back.
i did that i put the sub gain in 9 oclock position then after imprint i turned it up to 4 oclock position still with no sub..i just want to know if linear curve has no sub naturally, if not then i have to run imprint again
I had plenty of bass with linear....turn the sub gain lower than that really have to turn it low. The outputs on the sub rcas will be cut dramatically so don't be afraid to kick the gain up afterwards. Every person complains about the same thing you are. Also make sure to turn the xover for the sub up one time imprint set my sub xover at 30hz.

All and all it's just a simple matter of turning your gain up....more gain, more bass.
Also, put the sub output on the headunit to 0 instead of +15
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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