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Alpine IVA-505 Setup Issues

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Hello all,

I have installed Alpine IVA-505 + NVE-P1 into my car. All this stuff work fine, but I can`t see several menu items under setup menu, I just see audio setup setting. What is the problem? Why I can`t see general setup, L.L.C setup, DVD setup???

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do you install the parking brake wire and the brake wire?

or bypass module?

you need one of these for having these menu
No, in case if I connect parking/brake wire to ground this approach will be good?
probably not. best to get a bypass module in my opinion
What did you means bypass module? How I can do this?

P.S. Sorry for my ban English.
I have found what is bypass module How To: Manual Trigger Bypass For Alpine Iva-d310 - Tundra Solutions Forum.

But in this topic he solved issues related with SOLVES ISSUE: “PICTURE OFF FOR YOUR SAFETY” while vehicle is in motion.

In my case I only can see audio setting under Setup menu. You skill think that problem is in brakes wire?
yes, the bypass module lets u mess with all the options not available unless u have the brake wires hooked up and use the right sequence with your brake and parking brake. the by[ass module just makes things easier
Big big THANKS ALL, you solved my issues!!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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