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Alpine, Kenwood and infinity setup

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Well, it has been a while since I have put any car audio components in a vehicle. Wife and kids take alot of money.

Anyway, I am looking a putting a lower budget system in my '03 Chevy Trailblazer Ext. Here is what I am looking at for components. Any comments or suggestions would be great.

Kenwood Excelon KDC-x693 head unit
Alpine SPR-17c's in the doors
JLAudio 10w'0s (These are about 10 years old but were never pushed real hard or for very long)
Infinity Kappa Five amplifier

I am looking to stay under $900 so the wife doesn't string me up. Again any ideas or suggestions would be great.
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That Kappa Five amp looks like its going to eat up a a lot of your budget, looks like a nice amp though, some guys are talking about it here. You can find some great deals in the classified section for some amps. Subs look good, just be sure you have a proper enclosure. Can's say anything about the headunit becuase I dont run one :)

Most people around here don't run rear speakers, there is a bunch of info on this forum all about this i.e.: You have a Trailblazer so you may want some for your rear passengers, but the option is there to just run front speakers.

If you do decide to run just front speakers your amp options get a little easier especially if you want to keep it simple and run just one amp. Omitting the rear speakers will also free up some budget.

If you decide to run rear speakers.... please please please put most of your speaker budget into the front ones, those are the ones that count. You will want to run the rear speakers attenuated anyways.
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