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Alpine NVE-P1 Bluetooth Issue

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I recently had an Alpine IVA-D106 with the NVE-P1 Nav/Bluetooth module installed in my car. The documentation for the NVE-P1 is pretty crappy. None of the phones I've tried will actually work with the NVE-P1. To clarify, I've tried 5 phones, 2 of which are on the "compatible" list from Alpine. All 5 phones successfully pair to the NVE-P1, and can dial out. However, when it comes time to talk, I can't hear anything, nor can anyone hear me. I can successfully transfer the phone call back and forth between device (NVE-P1) and the phone, but can't hold a conversation if the phone call is being routed through the stereo. To rule out the NVE-P1 being bad, the shop even swapped it out for another, but it still won't work.

Are there any settings I can look at? I found the thread with the W505 and the NVE-P1, and have the same settings (Bluetooth set to NAV and have tried both INT and TEL for settings). I don't know what else it could be.
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set your phone to "auto answer" when bluetooth is "active".
No go, still doesn't work. Oh, well. I have an appointment to go back tomorrow and have them look at it. FWIW, we have tried 3 different NVE-P1 modules. None of them are working right. I'm wishing I didn't get this system now and just went with a Kenwood setup.
Do you have a processor in the system? If so, depending on the processor, you may also need the KCE-900E module for the NVE-P1 to work properly.
Nope, no processor either. Just the IVA-D106 HU and the NVE-P1. Everything else runs fine on the HU. But I find it strange that we've swapped out 3 different NVE-P1s and they all have this problem. Only other addition is a rear backup camera (Boyo VTL130 or something, IIRC).

When I originally picked up the car, one of the installers came out to demo it for me. The nav wouldn't come on, just a blank screen when we hit the Visual button. He swapped it out with another NVE-P1, and it seemed to work fine after that. However, I was never able to get any phones to work. I chalked it up to incompatible phones until I tried 2 that were on the compatible list.

Then the nav started rebooting itself constantly, sometimes it just wouldn't come on (blank screen). Sometimes it would get stuck on the Alpine boot screen. Sometimes I would get half of a screen (right half) where the left half would be blank. We swapped again, and still have the same issues. It's like the graphics now often don't even display correctly, they look washed out.
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The only other thing I can think of is to follow the steps to check the status of the connections in the PMD-DOK2 manual here.
thats odd mine worked pretty well with an older treo 800w, hated the way mine always went to the "you must not use while driving screen" and It would never upload my phone book, so I got rid of it

too buggy imo
Thanks for all the comments -- I took it back to the shop today, and they fixed it in about an hour. It was the dock, which I couldn't get to since they mounted it behind the glovebox (requiring the glovebox to be removed for access). They replaced it, wired it up, and now everything works fine, including the Bluetooth. FINALLY.
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