Alpine # PDX-F6 4-Channel 150w x 4 Amplifier, Lightly Used in Original Box.


Alpine Electronics # PDX-F6


8.5/10 Cosmetic & 10/10 Working Condition.

Lightly Used and in perfect working condition. Just some very Light Scratches...SEE the Included and LINKED PHOTOS of this exact item! It was lightly used for approximately 2 years on front stage components and was recently removed from a vehicle I just sold. I am keeping two other PDX-F6 amps from this install because I frikkin' love them. ;)


$345 via PayPal [SOLD]


$20 Insured, Tracked, Signature Required Shipping via USPS Priority Mail. Ships from CA, USA.

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LINK to More PHOTOS...

bbfoto DIYMA FS Classifieds Photos 1/20/2023


One lightly used Alpine PDX-F6 Amplifier (Rated 150 watts x 4 @ 4-Ohms)
Quick-Disconnect Power Plug & 4 Speaker Plugs (All in Perfect Condition)
Side Cover Plate & Hex Screw for Gain & X/O Controls (9.5/10)
Stacking Brackets/Hardware (Unused in Packaging)
Top Plastic Trim Ring (Unused in Packaging)
Blank Warranty & Registration Cards
Original Box & Packaging

Note: I could not locate the original Owner's Manual, Birth Sheet, Mounting Screws, or 2 Small Allen/Hex wrenches.


Link to Specs: Alpine PDX-F6 FULL SPECS @ Crutchfield

Highly regarded 150w x 4 SQ amp that is very efficient, with a silent background, under-rated, and with Very Low Distortion & High S/N Ratio! :)

2-Channel Bridged Output: 300+ Watts x 2 @ 4-ohms.

The Birth Sheets for these amps typically range from a Minimum of 165w x 4 to 190w x 4 (usually between 175wpc & 180wpc). Regardless, they provide heaps of clean power. I've purchased and installed at least 9 of these PDX-F6 amps in various vehicles of my own as well as in friend's & family's vehicles and have never had any type of issue with them. They have always provided loads of crystal clear power with a silent, undetectable noise floor. As an example, the gains on this particular amp were set between 1/4 & 1/3 for my front stage drivers. I've also used the PDX-F6 amps with absolutely excellent results on Subwoofers, where they have always provided very tight, clean, dynamic bass, with heaps of detail and impact on kick drums and upright acoustic bass, etc. I will link to one of my in-car system recordings with each channel of one of these amps powering a set of FOUR sealed 8" 4-ohm SVC Subwoofers so you can hear for yourself...

bbfoto DIYMA in-car system recording [Download 320kbs MP3]

FYI, Alpine has discontinued production of this excellent amplifier and they are very difficult to find now, but ask DIYMA member and Skywalker Ranch Studios mixing engineer Gary Summers if he is still happy with their performance in his amazing Mercedes-Benz SQ install. ;) If you already have one of these you know. I also love these amps for their "Stacking" feature. And lots of power in a small, compact package that is less than an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper.


$345 + $20 SHIPPING via USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Box, Insured with Tracking & Signature Required.

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$20 SHIPPING, Double-Boxed via USPS Priority Mail INSURED with Tracking & Signature Confirmation.

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