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Alpine pxa-h900

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Hello guys,

I am an avowed fan of good old Alpina.
How do you think there is a chance that in the future will return in the new version referencial systems of sony, Pioneer, Alpina, Clarion?
Modern cars with integrated audio systems, computer board, air condition, etc., make it hard :(
I live in Europe, here came the clear twilight era of car audio :(

I am personally looking for PXA-H900 BNIB (price almost does not matter :rolleyes:), I searches the world from Japan to America, through Africa - to no avail :mean:
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I loved my H900, when it was working. I had two LCD displays and a few of the output DACs in the main unit go out. I think I had it fixed three times by Alpine. I decided to remove it from my system when the front high DACs went out for a second time. When it was working it was awesome.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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