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Alpine SPX-137A vs. Scanspeak Discovery vs. Infinity Beta

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Hello All,

I know that the Infinity Beta 5" Component set is impossible to come by, and the Alpine SPX-137A is hard as well, although not impossible. I was wondering what the difference between the Alpine SPX-137A and Scanspeak Discovery 800212 sets were? Which are the better components? I know they are both made by Scanspeak if I'm not mistaken but I heard the Discovery series is actually Vifa that's been remanufactured? Are they essentially the same tweeters?

Are all of these fairly warm sounding? I really want to get the kind of Sound Signature you get with the old ADS such as the 320i/is but with something where the tweeters are fairly shallow mount and small like on the Infinity Beta, Scanspeak Discovery, and Alpine SPX-137A I mentioned. Do any of those have a similar sound signature? I don't want it so bright as to be harsh or painful to listen to, but I don't want it so warm as to be boring... I like the sound signature of ADS speakers the most since I mostly listen to EDM. In terms of speakers KEF, Monitor Audio and other British speakers are usually bland and boring for me, ADS is on the complete other end of the spectrum in terms of excitement. I want that ADS SPARKLE in the highs.

The tweets CANNOT be bigger than the ones in the Alpine SPX-137A, Scanspeak Discovery or Infinity Beta. The Beta ones are the best size of all. HAT is not an option (I don't want made in China).

I will be using a Zed Audio made ESX Q60.4 amp that's been fully reconditioned with new caps, power supply, and some other internals and an Alpine 7949 head unit.

Thanks in advance!
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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