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Alright, this question is for folks that are experienced with these speakers..

I opted to use the passive XO's, bi-wired, this to avoid sending frequencies too low for the tweeters to tolerate and consequently torching them.

My question is this.. To set the jumpers correctly, am I supposed to take a measurement from my ear to the tweeter, then from my ear to the woofer and use the difference in distance between the 2 to determine where to set the jumpers?

EG: If the tweeter is 26" from my ear, and the midrange driver is 28" then do I set the jumper for the 2" difference? I know the midwoofer axis part, I have the woofers flush mounted in my doors so that falls into the 75' to 90' axis category..

The instructions are a bit confusing.. I did it according to what I just explained, thinking that is the correct way and quite frankly, I don't like the way it sounds. The tweeters are now harsh and beaming.

The midwoofers responded well though I must say, vocals are cutting through a little better now, they are not getting drowned by the midbass as much..

If I could get my mids and highs to match the output of my midbass and subs cleanly with no harshness or bite, I will be all set. (subs set to 0 for normal listening)

The system images almost like surround sound, awesome 3d effects.. I know I'd be happier with better drivers installed in a more suitable setting such as a custom brick like wood/fiberglass enclosure that is isolated from the door, this to avoid coloration and vibrations in my door.. The doors are totally deadened, the vibration is my doorlock mechanism and the window waterproofing molding on the outside of the glass. I've tried everything, it won't go away..

Anyway, how do I measure and account for the settings for the jumpers?
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