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Alpine SPX-13PRO questions

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To start, I'm new to the forum, looks nice with a lot of helpful articles. Anyways, I've never done a custom fit with speakers before, but I spend to much time in my car not to do a decent install job and use higher end speakers. Anyways, to the point at hand.

I'm redoing the retire stereo in my '07 Corolla. It currently has an Alpine CDA-9883 stereo, but after the 2 years I've had it in there, its not enough. The speakers were all stock as well, which didn't help the stereos cause. I decided to redo the whole audio system. I picked up a new set of SPX-13PRO speakers and I'm stuck on how I should mount the tweeters. I would like to use the original location (on the door mounted at the side view mirrors) simply because that would be where I would get the best sound quality out of it. But I've got no idea how I should approach making a mount for it. I've already enlarged the holes for the woofer so it will not rub once I power it up. Anyways, if anyone has ever toyed with making new tweeter mounts for a corolla or been able to modify the stock ones, I would love to hear the input. Also, where is the best place to bury the crossovers?

Anyways, the rest of the stereo is your basic Alpine SPR-69C for the rear deck and an Alpine IVAW505. I'm looking forward to getting some decent sound in the future. If anyone has any tips or tricks or experience with either of these I would love to hear it as well. I'm reading through all the articles on here about the Imprint system from Alpine, and looks like I'll have to add that to this project shortly.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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