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Alpine vs Soundqubed

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Im looking to buy one 15" sub for now, i have a Kenwood KAC-9106d amp which is rated at 500W rms at 4 ohms and 1000W rms at 2 ohms. Trying to decide between the Alpine sws-15d2 and the Soundqubed HDS215. I mostly just want bass but i do care about sound quality. From what ive seen the Alpine is more about sound quality and the SQ is all about bass. Can the Alpine hit crazy hard? Or is the soundqubed a better choice for bass?
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What about the Sundown EV2 are those any good?
Solid subs. I've got a EV1 12" in storage (I retired it) and that thing took everything I tossed at it. Went through a sealed, 4th order and 6th order life. Very versatile
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