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Alpine vs Soundqubed

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Im looking to buy one 15" sub for now, i have a Kenwood KAC-9106d amp which is rated at 500W rms at 4 ohms and 1000W rms at 2 ohms. Trying to decide between the Alpine sws-15d2 and the Soundqubed HDS215. I mostly just want bass but i do care about sound quality. From what ive seen the Alpine is more about sound quality and the SQ is all about bass. Can the Alpine hit crazy hard? Or is the soundqubed a better choice for bass?
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The audio pipe will give you a lot of bass for the money. With 2 of those 15 i did 148.8 db sealed on the term lab. With a better amp pretty confident they could have hit the 150 mark. They sounded better than a kicker l7, but that's not hard to do. But if your after sound quality then that isn't the sub for you.
I never did hang around on that forum... stuck with boating forums for the most part lol... I stand corrected, it wasn't that model. It was the txx-ap15bl that I used. But those bd series are pretty similar.

I used to have a wholesale account at a local supplier and they carried audiopipe, so I used alot of their stuff, a few years ago it was great bang for buck, but in the past few years they have gotten more expensive and closed the gap to better brands. But they do last as well. I have friends who still have them after 5-6 years... I will say they really need a custom box though.

I'll have to check out their Facebook. Thanks.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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