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Can anyone recommend a reliable source where I could obtain a not overly priced high output alternator?
I have a 2015 Subaru Legacy 2.5i / 2.5L U5 (2.5L H4 SOHC 16V)
I need to power my new SoundQubed S1-2250 AMP which pulled between 90 to 307Amps on the dyno depending upon speaker Ω.
It doesn't need to be pretty, just give me the most bang for my buck.
I do plan to upgrade my battery and put a CAP in as well.

Also, I'm trying to accomplish the BIG3 upgrade.
Is it okay to upgrade the wiring by directly running the Alternator output to the battery Positive?
Currently the OEM alternator positive cable and the Battery positive cable 'Y' join into the same wire bundle just before entering the fusebox.
It does not look like they join right there, but I could be wrong.
Here is a photo:
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