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Amazing speakers

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Woot : One Day, One Deal (SM)

On woot today, Klipsch RF-25, $405 shipped

Should I buy them and use the woofers and horns for the car? Cheaper than buying raw drivers!!! But then I'd feel guilty for the sexy cabinet...

I bought some Energy C-100 for $90 shipped from woot 2 months ago, and my god they sound good for bookshelf speakers. I almost want to gut them for their doom tweeters and midrange for the car - way cheaper than buying raw drivers. Shame the mids are only 5.25", but again, the cabinet is way too nice to destroy....
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Sold OUT.. lol..
yeah I had a VERY hard time last night trying to justify getting a pair, thought so hard that I got tired and went to sleep, happy to see it sold out in the morning so I don't have to spend that $400, otherwise I'd have bought them this morning!
Meh...I can't remember how much we sold them for at Ultimate, but the RF25 is mid-line and I don't recall making bank when selling them. They are "OK", but I wouldn't go nuts for them. Now, let's talk KEF Reference 207's...
in my eyes, if it has 6.5" woofers... it's not a Klpisch......

Whatever happened to the good old days?

Women became empowered, that's what.
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