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Amp and Car Speakers

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I have tried to do a few searches or google and other places. I just cant seem to find the right answer.

I wanted to upgrade my audio in my RSX. It had a bose system so I decided to change everything and put a new amp in the car too. So I picked up a JVC kd-r530 from a friend that wasnt being used. Replaced my speakers with Pioneer 4- way speakers. but the sound was pretty low, so i also installed a kicker cx300.4 amp. Now i have a loud sound, but the bass is not hitting right. i am not getting the bass that i am used to it.

Someone told me that the amp will only help the speaker get lounder and get better sound out of it but wont give me bass. i have played with the eq setting, but not gettting much out of it. plus the headunit does not have a subwoofer on or off option.

Any way i can still get some bass out of it or would i have to get a sub to make it sound better?

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Welcome to the forum!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but adding a radio, speakers and an amp is just the beginning to making a system sound great.

I would take a stab and say that your oem factory door speakers were playing midbass like a champ, until you swapped them for some low brow 4-way pioneers? (Around these parts a 4 way is tweeter, mid, midbass, sub bass)

In order for a lot of speakers to perform the best inside a door, it is paramount that the door is deadened and sealed up. This will make your door more like an enclosure, therefore giving you more midbass that was simply leaking out from the door before.
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