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Hi all,

I got:

Morel Hybrid 2 6.5 + tweets
Zapco 1000.4
Alpine 9856

Old pair of 6x9 pioneers ( don't know if i will use them they were 300watts, didn't know about rms or anything back in the day so don't know how good these are )

Think I should use these for the rear or not?

Now to complete the set-up i think i just need a sub + amp

I'm trying to stay with SQ + some L

I think I'm just about 100% on the Arc flat-line 12"

But for the amp I don't know, I've read online that the sub doesn't need a really expensive amp, but then again I don't what this last piece of the SQ puzzle to kill my set-up by trying to save money.

What amp would you guys recommend?

I currently have 2 in mind but I'm very open to suggestions.

2 in mind: Arc KS1000.1 - Zapco 1100.1
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